A Commemorative Peal was rung at Hacheston on Tuesday, October 2nd by members of the Suffolk Guild of Ringers. The Peal commemorates the people of Hacheston who served, and the 22 men who gave their lives, in the Great War 1914-1918. October 2nd was specially appropriate as it was the Centenary of the death of William Henry Hatcher, killed in action in the Ypres area. William was one of ten Hatcher brothers serving the King in 1914, and the third of the brothers to give their lives.

The Peal comprised 5040 changes of Seven Minor Methods: 1 Double Court; 2 Oxford Treble Bob; 3 Kent Treble Bob; 4 Cambridge Surprise; 5 St Clements; 6 Double Oxford; and 7 Plain Bob. The Peal lasted 2 hours and 43 minutes. The Ringers were (shown left to right in the photograph above): treble - Christine A. Knight; 2nd - Winston S Girling; 3rd - Neville F Whittell; 4th - Mary E Dunbavin; 5th - Katharine J Salter; and tenor-  Alan P Mayle (Conductor). The Peal was also the 600th Peal by Winston S Girling and we are honoured he chose to ring it at Hacheston.